designed in Denmark for the european climate.

The Zite XLR goggle was created with just one thing in mind - performance.

We needed a roll-off goggle able to fill out the hole in the market, offering an affordable XL roll-off goggle, without compromising quality and specs.

It took us 4 years to get here, but finally, we have an extremely competitive roll-off motocross goggle of light weight, with the biggest roll-off film in the world (50mm), our typical Scandinavian minimalistic design, extremely high durability and no rattling plastic noises what so ever from the goggle, unlike many other roll-off goggles.

Just by holding the goggle in your hand, you can tell the details are on point. We actually focused on creating a high-performance roll-off goggle for the european climate, unlike our bigger competitors from USA, which obviously doesn't have roll-off goggles as their main product.

The price? Not many brands are able to compete on the price. The XLR goggle can be yours for only 100€!

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Zite Goggles® is a European registered trademark, established in 2014. 


Build by motocross top level riders, who know how riders want their goggles to fit, feel and perform. 


The passion to be the 1%, started Zite Goggles as a company, and the passion for products of extra fine materials, innovative designs made us strive for greatness.


If you still doubt, go and try out yourself, we give you 100 days money-back guarantee, straight up - that's how we roll at Zite Goggles®


Twice a year, or something like that we make limited editions, and you can sign up for the newsletters here.

We are pretty boring, we won't spam you - we rather go to the tracks and ride, then sending boring stuff.

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