It's not just tear-offs

We all tried it. You're on the first lap of a race, fucked up the start, and have to fight your way through the pack of riders. In the hassle, you grab what you think is one tear-off and rips. Boom - there goes all your tear-offs at first pull. Pretty much screwed up the rest of the moto for yourself, right?

- The length of the Zite tear-offs are made so, that it is easy for you to grab a tear-off while racing with a high heart rate, and only grab one instead of the full stack!

All of our tear-off's are made of ultra thin vinyl - up to 3 times thinner than most other tear-offs on the market.

This allows you to stack multiple tear-offs on top of each other, and still maintain a clear vision without distortion, while the vinyl is still so powerfull a material, that it doesn't brake.

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Zite Goggles® is a European registered trademark, established in 2014. 


Build by motocross top level riders, who know how riders want their goggles to fit, feel and perform. 


The passion to be the 1%, started Zite Goggles as a company, and the passion for products of extra fine materials, innovative designs made us strive for greatness.


If you still doubt, go and try out yourself, we give you 100 days money-back guarantee, straight up - that's how we roll at Zite Goggles®


Twice a year, or something like that we make limited editions, and you can sign up for the newsletters here.

We are pretty boring, we won't spam you - we rather go to the tracks and ride, then sending boring stuff.

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