Safety never looked better.

Clear mirror 

The clear mirror dual layer tear-off lenses are our newest invention. It's mirror coated lenses, coated on a clear lens instead of the regular grey toned lens. This creates a very bright vision, which is toned by the mirror coating, and makes the lens perfect for dark and cloudy weather. Obviously, it has the color of a regular coated lens, but it doesn't has as much mirror effect as the grey mirror lenses - in other words, your eyes will be visible from the outside.

This lens is recommended for cloudy and dark days.

Available in blue and red colors.

Grey mirror 

The grey mirror dual layer tear-off lenses are the lenses originally installed in Zite SFX goggles. It's mirror coated lenses, coated on a grey toned lens. This creates a calm vision, which is toned by the coating, and makes the lens perfect for sunny and bright weather. It creates a cool reflecting effect, so nobody will be able to see your eyes through the lens, while you're able to see every tiny detail on them.

This lens is recommended for bright and sunny days.

Available in blue, red and green colors.

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